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We are problem solvers. Sellers need to sell and Buyers need to buy. Everyday Real Estate exchanges ownership for various reasons. So, we want to partner with you to sell your property, help you buy your first or next property, or perhaps you need to lease your Real Estate property, it should all start with a let's talk. A website can make an introduction, but it can not drill down to uncover your core concerns and needs to help you arrive at YOUR best let's start that conversation today. The Real Estate market is constantly in motion so don't try to time it. The best time for you to act will be determined by you and your circumstances, not the market conditions nor anyone else's.  

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Vortex Realty and Management / 954.536.2883

So my first question is: WHY? It's not a trick question or an obvious cookie cutter answer. You and your family's situation are different and unique from everyone else's situation. Maybe it's because of a wedding, baby on the way, promotion at work and you need to relocate, down sizing, probate, medical or divorce. Life happens and when it does fortunately you have an asset you can liquidate to meet or satisfy that need. However, I have learned that asking the right questions may offer other options that may be better to solve your needs at the time. I'm not suggesting that selling is not the best solution for you, it very well could be. But exploring options does help to strengthen that decision and provide you with the confidence to act boldly. So let's start a conversation.


Vortex Realty and Management / 954.536.2883

Purchasing Real Estate is a really big decision and commitment to make in your life. If you are purchasing your home for the first time it can seem overwhelming at times, but that's why I'm here so it does not need to be. So the first question to answer is: Why? This is your first really big question to answer. For most people buying their first home is the largest investment they have ever made, or will make. So, be wise. Once you have that question answered, the next step is to speak with a Mortgage Professional, unless you are securing the property outright. The Mortgage Professional will ask you mostly financial questions about yourself and request personal financial information from you. For example your last 2 years personal income taxes you filed with the IRS, last 3 months paystubs from your employer, last 3 months bank statements, things only you will have or can explain. This will help determine how much property you can afford to buy and it will focus us to zero in on those properties you can actually call home...before someone else comes in and buy it before you. This saves time and helps to manage emotions through the process.

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Vortex Realty and Management / 954.536.2883 

The Commercial and Investing space is more intricate so I am not going to attempt to summarize anything here and run the risk of missing key points. Confidentiality is a big part of what we offer. Our obligation and interest lies with you, our client or customer, and we do not take your partnership with us for granted. This side of the industry requires a team approach. I recommend that your team have the following members on board: Real Estate Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, Architect, Space Planner, Contractor and of course me, your trusted Real Estate Broker.

Question: Are you tired of being a Landlord? Good! Let's talk about us providing you with our residential property management services. Perhaps you are like some of our clients that reside out of the geographic area of their property and need our services to be their eyes, ears, hands, feet and rent collector for them. Others simply prefer to simplify their life and have Vortex Realty and Management care for their property for them.   

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Daniel Trottman

I have been involved in Real Estate since 1995 for myself. In 2003 I earned my license to practice Real Estate in the State of Florida. Since then I have been assisting others in buying, selling, leasing and or managing Real Estate on a full time basis. I own my home, I own investment properties and I have lost on some opportunities. So, along the way I can offer you real world experiences for you to learn from as we close on your transactions together.

Before moving to the United States I lived in the Bahamas and Jamaica. I currently reside in Florida in a city called Pembroke Pines located in Southwest Broward County. I am a graduate of Florida State University. I support the Lighthouse Of Broward,, which is a non profit based in downtown Ft Lauderdale that enhances the life of those that are visually impaired...great organization if you are interested in supporting a cause that could affect anyone at any time. I attend the Bridge Church in Miramar, Florida, I have gone on mission trips to Haiti, Trinidad and Peru. I enjoy traveling, fishing and eating good food with good people.       

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